First sibling photo – My Captured Moment

My Captured Moment for this week is the first sibling photo of my kids which was taken in the hospital when Ruby was newly born.

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I have stumbled across this photo recently and made me realize “hang on a minute, where did the time go?”  It’s actually more than 2 years had passed now since this photo was taken.  I could just utter in disbelief how these two have grown so fast especially her from being a baby to now being a toddler.

It seems like it was yesterday when I was carrying Ruby inside my tummy, with my bump so huge and heavy.

It seems like it was yesterday when I gave birth to my sweet little girl where we were all so excited about her arrival most specially Reimer as he has a new playmate.

It seems like it was yesterday when he wanted to hold her and cuddle her as she was so little, so light, so cute and so cuddly.

It seems like it was yesterday when Reimer tried to play with her but she just constantly sleeps.

It seems like it was yesterday when he wanted to share his food to her but she can’t eat yet as she just relied on mummy’s milk and the milk on the bottle all the time.

It seems like it was yesterday when he felt disappointed as she doesn’t know yet how to run, walk, climb and jump the way he does.

It seems like it was yesterday when he wanted to chat with her but she only stared at him and doesn’t respond sensibly apart from babbling away.

However, after the 2 years that gone by, a lot have changed.  Looking at them now…they love doing most things together.  They laugh and giggle at each other even at each others’ slightest joke.  They missed each other when one is away.  They do have little fights too but they are the best friend they ever wish to have.

I’m very glad I made the right decision of having another child after we had Reimer… I think having a sibling is the best gift they have for each other.

Do you have a sibling?  Are you each others’ best buddies too?

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36 thoughts on “First sibling photo – My Captured Moment

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photo and post. #MyCapturedMoment

  • Aww what a lovely pic!It’s funny how the older child expects the baby to come out being able to play football with them lol x #throwbackthursday

    • ReimerandRuby

      yes I know, they just expect as soon as the baby comes out, that the baby can play straight away already, lol

  • There are some moments that you wish you could stop time for. This is such a lovely photo 🙂 #MyCapturedMoment

  • Awww!! A gorgeous picture, these really are the most special moments that will never happen again. Time certainly does fly xx

  • Awwww what a lovely photo, and so many wonderful memories from it. They are very cute #throwbackthursday

  • That’s a fantastic photo, one to treasure! #ThrowbackThursday

  • What a lovely post, those first moments when siblings meet are so precious x #mycapturedmoment

  • Lovely picture!! 🙂 Amazing moment and this is such a lovely photo 🙂 Jess xx


  • Oh this is just beautiful! I have five children and can remember them meeting eachother as though it were yesterday. My favourite sibling moment was my eldest meeting his first (living) sibling, after eight long years it was the single greatest moment of my life. Thanks for sharing, #justanotherlinky

    • ReimerandRuby

      Pictures like this just bring back great memories, isn’t it? Thanks for dropping by and for the lovely comment too!

  • Arrr this is a lovely picture. I always knew that I wanted more than just one child. I have a sister and I knew that I didn’t want to have an only child. Little did we know we would have twins! I love watching the three of them together and I know that the twins big brother will always be there for them as the twins will always be there for each other x #mycapturedmoment

    • ReimerandRuby

      I would have liked to have twins, I have two cousins who are twins and they’re cute as they’re growing up… but I don’t know if I can manage though.

  • What a beautiful photo and such lovely read. Funnily I have just posted about enjoying the ordinary moments more, which is exactly those you are describing here. As they are so special.

    We only have Caspian for now, and since both my partner and I are only children (he has a much younger half-sister and I have two step-siblings) we would love for him to have a brother or sister. But a lot of factors come into play so we’ll see. #KCACOLS

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x

    • ReimerandRuby

      aw Thank you Nadia! sometimes the ordinary moments we had actually became the special moments when we recall it, isn’t it? I would have loved to give my kids another sibling but it’s just too difficult with our situation now. See how it goes in the future!

  • This is gorgeous! He looks so proud bless him. So glad you had another. We are thinking about number 2 next year so will see!! Thanks for sharing with #throwbackthursday and see you soon xx

    • ReimerandRuby

      Hopefully that will be me period after number 2, although my husband wants 3 but I think I can’t manage another one… Good luck om your plans!

  • Heledd - Running in Lavender

    What an absolutely gorgeous captured moment. This moment is so special and the beginning of such an important bond! Thanks for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

    • ReimerandRuby

      Yes, beginning of such an important bonding of these two… great to see how siblings grow together!

  • Lovely photo and lovely words. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  • Awww… such sweet post. They grow so fast don’t they. I would love to see my E&E play gently with each other more. Now-a-day they seem to fight a lot! lo! Thank you for linking up with me again. x #FabFridayPost

    • ReimerandRuby

      My two kids fight a lot too… but after a second they’re friends again, lol

  • This photo is just lovely! So precious xx
    Thank you for linking up with #justanotherlinky

  • This photo is so cute!!! I agree with you when you said that you were glad to have made the decision to have another baby. It is the best decision for me too. I’m so happy to know that now my eldest daughter have someone else to play with, to share with, to be naughty with haha you know what I mean. I love the idea of picturing them in the future as inseparable sisters and that they love to be together! That would be nice to see! I have 3 siblings, 2 sisters and 1 brother. I’m the last one and yes I’m very closed to my sisters and I love that! Thank you so much for linking up with me at #KCACOLS. I hope you join me again on Sunday! 🙂 x

    • ReimerandRuby

      I only have one brother, I would have liked more siblings as it would have been more fun growing up with loads of playmates. Same as I would have liked to have more kids but life is just difficult nowadays, it’s impractical for me to have more. Thanks for dropping by and for the lovely comment!

  • Oh huge huge congratulations on your second beautiful baby and having siblings. It’s a magic time now for you to watch them bond and grow together. I always wanted more than one but never realize how amazing that journey would be watching them be best friends and be inseparable like my two are. Yours I bet will be the same. Gorgeous. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me and hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme

    • ReimerandRuby

      That photo is almost 3 yrs ago, but it’s nice looking back at it and telling myself I’ve done the right decision. Thanks for the lovely comment!

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