Highlights of May

The month of May had been really pretty good to us weather-wise.   We did enjoy a couple of sunny days.  It’s a shame though that we have not been away somewhere to take full advantage of it due to work commitments.  However, taking the pleasure of the warm temperature even at home is simply wonderful.

It’s somewhat unbelievable that we’re half way of twenty sixteen already but it also means Summer time is here, woohoo!  I love summer and I believe most people do love it too, who doesn’t anyway?  The longer, brighter,warmer days and the beautiful bloom everywhere pretty sums all the happiness that comes along with it.  Anyhow, before I get too swayed with that, here’s my highlights for the month of May:

  • Fun in the sun

Mentioning about the sun, what better way to spend it with.  Of course when Mr. Sun is out, paddling pool is out too.  Oh what good fun they had splashing the water and jumping on it from the trampoline…  the joy apparent in their faces is priceless.   I just adore their innocence and their simple pleasures.

  • Out with Friends

One of my close friends celebrated her birthday this month.  For a post-birthday celebration, we went out for meal with my other friend for a date.   I tagged Ruby along with me as well so I didn’t have to walk out to collect her when her time was up at childminders’.  I love her outfit for that day which she had chosen.   I imagine she has a little fashionista in her.


We went to Hot Flame Restaurant for lunch which offers a world banquet dining.  We were all stuffed at the end, I must admit a buffet of food is my weakness.  I love it when I’m spoiled with choices, I know for certain that it won’t be too good for the scale though.  Most importantly, it was really nice catching up with these lovely girls again.


  • Driving update

My old driving instructor has finally decided to start her maternity leave this month due to pregnancy complications.  That then left me lost without no lessons for a few weeks.  As I was looking for a new one, I had been let down by some and was so disappointed by one driving instructor who didn’t turn up on the agreed time and day.

Then out of the blue, I noticed that there’s actually a driving instructor who live just round the scheme where we are.  I contacted him and booked for a lesson.  First lesson turned out really well, he is amazing with relatively same teaching standard with my old one or even better.  I’m so pleased I met him as I have now been back to my weekly lessons again.  Fingers crossed everything will go well with my lessons with him until my testing time.

  • Ruby’s Nursery Placement

After a lengthy worrying wait, we finally received a letter last 20th May in response to Ruby’s nursery place application.  It is good news, she has been granted an afternoon place in the Nursery we’ve chosen.   This is the same Nursery whom Reimer went to when he was in pre – school.   The teaching staff are all rather lovely, which is why I believe this one is perfectly suitable for Ruby too.  The school sits right next to Reimer’s existing Primary School, which made it ideal logistically for school runs for both of them.

Ruby on the other hand got very enthusiastic when we told her  that she’ll be starting Nursery in August.  She’s over the moon with it.  To be honest, I’m partly sad with this because it means she’s going to school pretty soon and definitely getting bigger.  At the same time, I’m very confident that she will take it all in her stride.   That she will definitely enjoy being there, meet new friends and easily adapt to a new environment.

  • First Book Review

I have always wanted to review books, not just for the free side of it but because my kids loves reading books.  Additionally, I believe it suits my blog and my readership as well.

When Miles Kelly Publishing contacted me to review one of their newly released Questions and Answers Book Series, I considered myself lucky. Of course, I agreed without hesitation.  See my full review post right here.  I’m glad I did it because my kids adored the books so much.  The collection are exceptionally colorful, motivational and educational with lots of activities inside for further learning.  The books are simply amazing and a must for every kids to have.

I was very pleased with the month of May, fingers crossed the month of June will deliver and promise the same glorious days.

What are your highlights for this Month?  Did you go somewhere nice? Did you receive some interesting and great news too like we did?

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18 thoughts on “Highlights of May

  • It sounds like me like you have had a marvellous May, here is to a Joyous june x

  • Ah what a lovely update and pictures, sounds like you’ve had a great month! #lovelythings

  • the books look very good. #lovelythings

  • Sounds like you have all had a lovely May. Let’s hope the sun stays and we have a nice, warm June! 🙂 #BrillBlogPosts

  • Oh she is a little fashionista! Super cute! Thanks for linking up lovely #mg

  • How adorable does Ruby look, she is a fashionista indeed. Sounds like a really busy month – good luck with your driving lessons!

    Sally @ Life Loving

    • ReimerandRuby

      Thank you and thanks for wishing me luck with my driving, I needed it.

  • What a great month you have had. Great news on the driving instructor. I love summer too and we all love with then the paddling pool can come out! Thanks for linking up to #lovelythings

    • ReimerandRuby

      Summer and paddling pool is just what kids need, isn’t it? Cheers me up so as the kids. Thank you for dropping by!

  • Ahh fun in the sun is the best isn’t it? I also notice that Reimer has the same swimming outfit as my oldest boy too. We also got send those books to review – they are fantastic aren’t they?

    Thank you so much for linking up to #OurFaveFive I can’t to see what you’ve got up to in June xx

    • ReimerandRuby

      Wow, so they got something in common, they’re good swimming outfit though… Yes, those books are wonderful and so educational. Reimer loves them. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Sorry about driving instructor but glad you found a new one, I had a similar problem last year but I have my test soon 🙂

    • ReimerandRuby

      I’m glad I found a new one and hopefully won’t have any problem with him… fingers crossed I’ll be in test standard soon. Good luck to your driving test! Thanks

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