Highlights of November

We are approaching the end of the November already…  It’s unbelievable how the month just gone so quick.  It seems like it was only yesterday when the kids had an incredible time Trick or Treating.  Having said that, it also means it’s almost Christmas time… Woohoo! the best time of the year!  Has everyone started Christmas shopping yet?

 Anyhow, before I get overly excited with Christmas… We have not been up to a lot of things this month, we have not been on any adventure unfortunately.  Despite of it, I have listed down my Highlights for the Month of November

Here goes:


  • Bonfire Night
Bonfire Night
Bonfire Night

First week of the month started off with a bang, literally a big bang with firecrackers.  This has starting to become a tradition now as it had been 2 years in a row that we had fireworks during the Bonfire Night.   We normally go to my husband’s brother and combined all the firecrackers together where two families enjoyed watching the fireworks display.  The kids loved watching it too as they also had a great time with their cousins apart from Ruby who was a bit petrified with the noise.  She just decided to stay indoors and watched television instead.

  • Special Person Award for Reimer
Special Person Award in School
Special Person Award in School

I am the proudest mum when Reimer handed me this certificate one afternoon after he got home from school.  I thought it was the usual letter we got from school almost everyday but I was surprisingly shocked and overly pleased when I read it.  To be honest, I didn’t expect it at all.   For him being so keen going to school everyday and doing his homework, practicing and writing is enough for me to say that I’m truly delighted with him and his performance in school.  However, receiving a Special Person Award for super counting and addition sums is absolutely a real bonus.  I couldn’t be a happier mum.

  • Increase of DA score

What is DA? For bloggers, DA stands for Domain Authority which is a big thing as it determines how well your website ranks on search engines.  The last two months, my DA score remain stagnant which is worrying considering all the efforts I’ve put in to my blog.  However, for this months update, it has gone up incredibly well from 9 to 21, Yay! I would like to think that having that score is not too bad for a 6 month old blog.  I’m so chuffed with myself and finally all the hard work has paid off.

  • Ruby is now potty trained

2015-11-28 16.47.25

If you have read my post about The Long Journey of Potty Training you must know that after 7 months of trying to potty train her, she finally got the hint.  I’m now confident to bring her out and about not worrying whether she’ll have an accident or not because she has done really well so far.  I’m so proud of my little lady.

  • Letters from Santa
Letter from Santa
Letter from Santa

Last month Santa’s Post Office have offered me to write a review of their Santa Letters which I happily agreed because my kids would definitely love the thought that Santa Claus sent them letters.  Last thursday was the day when the letters arrived at our doorstep.  Both my kids were in cloud nine when they each received the letter from Santa.  The letters looks so gorgeous and beautifully made like it was realistically sent from North Pole.  I’ll be posting a review and running a giveaway about it soon, so if you want to get hold of Santa’s Letter for your little ones too, please do check it here soon.

What are your highlights of this month?

Did you do anything nice, fun, memorable and worth sharing? Please share it on the comment below.

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