it’s Movie Night

 It has always been our routine to watch something on the television after dinner time and before bedtime.  I think that’s a common daily grind for every household.  Most of the time, my husband and I watch TV series like Prison Break, Lost, Breaking Bad and the list just go on and on…. we are totally obsessed with it.  On top of that, we sometimes watch film as well before going to sleep.

Once in a while we have movie night as a family too when there’s a film that’s ideal for kids.  Reimer is already in the right age where he fully understands storyline and appreciates watching films while Ruby isn’t  yet.

We have this film which is newly released on DVD here in the UK entitled Shaun the Sheep Movie.  It’s a film about Shaun the sheep who fancies to have a day off which resulted in disaster, where his flock, the sheepdog and the farmer ended up in the Big City.  Trouble continued until Shaun found a way to bring everyone back to the farm. It’s a good film for kids and adults alike, it’s definitely worth watching.


Yesterday around 6 pm after dinner time, we all set ourselves prepared for bedtime, kids put on their pajamas and we all jumped into the bed comfortably.   I know we lacked popcorn, movie snacks and drinks on the side but who needed it when we’re all stuffed with our dinner.

All of us were equally engrossed with the film including me.  Although half way through it, this little lady started mucking around but this little man absolutely enjoyed it to the very end.


My wee family undeniably loves movie night, where all of us got snuggled up in the bed and be immersed in the film.  Who doesn’t anyway?

How does your family spend the night before bedtime, when everyone are all in from work and done with household duties?

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2 thoughts on “it’s Movie Night

  • Oh this looks so cosy! I love watching films with my two, although now they are bigger I tend to get crushed if they both decide to get snuggly! Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix hon 🙂

    Stevie x

  • ReimerandRuby

    I know the feeling when we end up at the edge of the bed… But I know this won’t last forever, so we’ll just cherish the moments being crushed in the bed once in a while. hehehe! Your welcome!

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