of Paddling Pool, BBQ and Outdoor Fun = Summer

I would like to think that Summer is not over yet, needless to say, I can already feel the cold breeze in the air.  Anyhow, before we welcome or should I say DEAL with Autumn and Winter season, I still have one more fun memories of Summer this year regardless.

The weather has been quiet unpredictable the last few days.  It’s sometimes rainy, cloudy, windy and even chilly.  Suddenly last Sunday was really warm and sunny.  Finally, a visit from the sun, Yippee!  After going to the church and in the supermarket for our weekly shop in the morning, we were a bit on the loose end in the afternoon as we had no plans to go out either.

It has been a while now that these little kiddies kept going on about paddling pool because they had not played with it since Summer started.  I felt a little bit guilty though because every time they asked me to put it out, I always refused to do so because it was not hot enough.  However, with the lovely weather that day, I thought why not, we need to take advantage of this sun as we don’t often get to enjoy it and not for much longer.

After our lunch, their dad had put out the paddling pool which had not been used since we bought it as we were just waiting for a good weather to come.  I think that Sunday was absolutely the perfect day for it.

Paddling pool been pumped up and filled up in time after Ruby’s afternoon nap.  These two got changed with their swimwear on and with plenty sun cream too.  And here they were having an outdoor fun.  Splashing on the water with sheer enthusiasm in their faces. SAMSUNG CSC  Reimer who always find adventure in everything, had used his wit by dragging the trampoline closer.   He then took the pleasure of jumping from it which made a big swoosh on the paddling pool.

SAMSUNG CSCTheir dad got jealous too, after he made his homemade woo woo cocktail, he also got changed and joined in. Wanting a little bit of sun tan I assumed.

SAMSUNG CSCI would have liked to join in too because the two kiddies kept calling me to jump in, however, the paddling pool is rather too small for the 4 of us.  I’m avoiding it to burst so it can still be used next time around.  So I just left them to it, although I was tempted.

Halfway through, I’ve made some fruit salad for the kids too as they’re complaining that they’re hungry.  I’ve cut off some apple, orange and banana and poured some double cream on it, an excellent snack for the kiddies.

SAMSUNG CSCThey both loved it and that definitely filled up their little bellies.SAMSUNG CSC

For dinner that day, of course it had to be BBQ which we had bought when we went grocery that morning.  BBQ and sunny day seemed like an impeccable combination.  My husband who is always in charge of cooking BBQ prepared mostly the food.  We had some Lamb Burgers for a change, soy and ginger marinated boneless chicken thighs which was really scrumptious.  We also had some Greek salad, a little bit of potato salad and coleslaw.



To sum it all up, it was certainly a fabulous day at home.  Enjoying the weather and at the same time, having bonding as a family.

How do you spend your weekend on a hot sunny day?

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22 thoughts on “of Paddling Pool, BBQ and Outdoor Fun = Summer

  • Looks like a lot of fun, the weather makes so much difference! I love a BBQ and the paddling pool is always a big hit with the kids!

  • Oh man I missed the trampoline into the paddling pool idea! Probably too late now and with a 18 month old around it may have ended up in disaster, perhaps next year. Don’t say goodbye to summer yet I think we are expecting a warm weekend if we can just ditch this rain. Thanks for linking #famjamlinky

    • ReimerandRuby

      I would have like to do it myself too, but worried in case paddling pool would burst, lol. I’ll put my fingers crossed on that supposed to be warm weekend.

  • Beautiful photos! Glad you managed to enjoy one last day of our Scottish summer before autumn properly arrives! I’m ashamed to say that we haven’t managed to get the paddling pool out this summer, we’ve been too busy when it was sunny. Your children seem to be enjoying their delicious snack and I love that Reimer decided to move the trampoline closer to get a good jump into the pool!
    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    • ReimerandRuby

      He’ll do anything just to have fun, lol. Fingers crossed there’s more warmer days before autumn finally comes, although I doubt it, knowing that we have been having a few frosty mornings now.

  • What a fab day! Love that your hubby got in the paddling pool too hehe, just the sort of thing mine would do! They look like they are having a whale of a time, thanks for linking up with the #bestandworst and see you again!

  • This sounds like a lovely day. My mouth is watering at the thought of that BBQ!! Glad you managed to enjoy some sunshine and the paddling pool x #binkylinky

  • Love the picture mid-jump! Looks like you’ve all had a great summer. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  • good weather makes a great afternoon in the garden doesn’t it. #busydoinglife

  • Oh my you know how to throw a bbq party! I love that pool, must get a decent one next year! I feel so hungry reading this post and looking at the lovely photos..i’m off to make lunch! haha x

  • So much summery fun! Thankyou so much for sharing this with me at #busydoinglife this week!

  • Nige Higgins

    Looks like you had a fab time great photos thanks for linking to the binkylinky

  • Chloe

    Ahhhh I love the trampolining into the paddling pool. What a cool idea! I’m glad dad enjoyed himself too. Your fruit salad and bbq dinner look incredibly tasty! I’m glad you finally got to enjoy a sunny day and Reimer and Ruby got to use their paddling pool. What a strange summer it’s been weather wise. Thank you so much for linking to #whatevertheweather x

    • ReimerandRuby

      Love his idea too… would have been nice if I can join in without bursting the paddling pool, lol Thank you!

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