Reimer turns 5 – trip to Legoland

 It’s time of the year again for my little man’s birthday.  Oh! time definitely flies so quick when you’re having fun.  Initially, we thought of giving him a birthday party at home like last year.  However, another option which was more interesting was also to bring him somewhere he likes as a surprise.  It might be a wee bit sneaky doing it that way but certainly the outcome would be nice.  Finally, James and I have come up with an idea of bringing him to Legoland because he kept mentioning about it recently and we’ve not been there too.

As I was packing up the suitcase, he had loads of questions as to where we are going.  As what me and his dad had agreed a story to tell, I told him we’re going to visit his grandad and his monster dog down in London for a visit and to celebrate his birthday there.  By the way, he calls his grandad’s dog as monster dog because every time his grandad and his dog come to ours for a visit, the dog likes to lick him and he hated it. That’s how the silly name came up with.  Actually, his grandad doesn’t live in London, but obviously he doesn’t know that, which means our story seemed believable to him.

I know it’s a bit cruel setting him up like this and lie to him because he was really upset about it.  But I know that in spite of it, once he knows the truth, everything will be forgotten and be replaced with excitement.  I think this is somewhat parents have to do to give their kiddies a good surprise, isn’t it?

 On our way to Legoland, I saw Reimer’s face was so unhappy as he was not too keen to have a monster dog birthday party.  But as soon as he saw the big sign of Legoland, the expression of his face transformed quickly, it was truly priceless.  He suddenly got overly excited and was over the moon.  He realized we just tricked him.  That’s the only reaction James and I were so looking forward to see.  I have to say this is one of the few joys of parenthood.

Here are some photos we’ve got.  He really had a fantastic time at Legoland because he had been to a few of rides and the day was absolutely beautiful, with sun brightly shining.






We only spent two days in Legoland.  After we spent the first day of being there, we visited a good friend of mine down in Reading afterwards.  After our second day in Legoland and during Reimer’s birthday, we went to visit another lovely friend in Thatcham later on that afternoon.  I bought a cake for him, not a character cake that he would have liked but a chocolate cake from a supermarket was what we’ve got as the choices were very limited. I know he loved to have one because that’s what kid’s usual perception of birthdays, having a cake with a candle to blow.  It was a different birthday for him but he absolutely had fun not just in Legoland but also in my friend’s house where he met my friend’s beautiful and charming daughter who was so friendly to both of them.



On the day before we head back home, we visited another close friend of mine whom I’ve been friends with since our Elementary years.  My little kiddies enjoyed there too as she has young kids as well with around same age as Reimer and Ruby.  We all had good fun, kids playing with each other while my friend and I were catching up on stuff.  That’s after all of us were stuffed from our eat all you can lunch bufffet.


Anyhow, it was a good weekend break for all of us.  I was definitely happy visiting and bonding with good old friends.  At the same time, my little man was having fun celebrating his birthday away from home too.

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4 thoughts on “Reimer turns 5 – trip to Legoland

  • Happy birthday Reimer! It looks you all had a lovely time at Legoland. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  • Nige Higgins

    Can’t wait to go to legoland with the girls,great post.Thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

    • ReimerandRuby

      Thank you! For sure they’ll enjoy it there… Hopefully, the weather remains as sunny tho.

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