Ruby is not feeling great!

Our little lady is not feeling too great today.  It has been a few days since she started having runny nose and cough.  I don’t know if she’s also affected by the hay fever season as she kept sneezing and with watery eyes too.

It was around midnight, when I woke up as I’ve heard her crying, I went to her bedroom and tried to comfort her.  Brought her downstairs to give her medicine to make her feel a bit better and get settled and went back up again to her room.  She started to become clingy and wanted to sleep beside mummy.  Oh why not! I felt so sorry for her.  I hate seeing my kids so poorly, it’s worrying and heartbreaking.

I remembered when I was still in the Philippines, every time I got ill even when I’m already an adult, I always knocked on my parent’s bedroom so they can help comfort me.  It’s not only the medicine that helped me felt better, but most of all, it’s my mama’s tender loving care as well.  I guess there’s something in every mother’s caring hands and affection that lifts every child’s spirit, seems magical and truly unexplainable.

Now that I’m already a parent, I want to give my motherly love in the best way I can to my kids too just like the way my mama did.  Absolutely more so if my kids are feeling under the weather.


After breakfast, she’s back to playing with her big brother again and comes to me once in a while to let me clean her snotty nose.  In the meantime, she’s now snuggled up in her bed for her afternoon nap just like normal.  Hopefully, she would get much better when she woke up as we’re planning to treat their dad later for dinner in the restaurant for Father’s day.


I think kids are naturally resilient, they easily recover from being a sorry state to being back to their normal self again, hyperactive and jolly.  Certainly, my kids are!

How about all mummy’s out there.. How do you comfort your kids when they are in poor health?

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6 thoughts on “Ruby is not feeling great!

  • I still phone my mum (who also lives abroad) because, like you said, a mummy knows how to make you feel better. They always know what you should do. And it is so great that we get to be that person now, for our children. A lovely post to remind us that mama’s are the best 🙂
    xx #BestandWorst

  • LittleOandme

    Ah, sorry Ruby is poorly. I hate it when Oliver is unwell, like you plenty of snuggles usually does the trick!

    • ReimerandRuby

      It’s worrying when they’re not feeling well… but then they can just bounce back the normal the next day though which is amazing!

  • Aww poor Ruby, look at her all snuggly in her bed bless her. Breaks your heart when they’re poorly doesn’t it. With mine we has snuggles on the sofa and watch a film. Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst and hope she is feeling better soon! x

    • ReimerandRuby

      I know it’s heartbreaking when they’re poorly… but she’s fine now! Thanks for your thoughts!

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