The First of Many – My Captured Moment

It was around this time of the month way back 9 years ago when me and my husband first met in person.  It was exciting, nerve wracking, inspiring, worrying… you name it, I had felt it.  That’s how crazy and special those 10 momentous days were when someone decides to flew over from miles away to get to know me.  It seemed like it only happened yesterday and yet it actually occurred a long long time ago.   Anyhow, our first meeting had made wonderful memories worth cherishing as I reckon, they were the foundations of what we have now, our precious little family.  If you are being nosy as to how it all began, do check it here.

Hence, My Captured Moment is a photo taken last November 2006, sneakily captured by my husband.  Sorry for my snobbish look!

First stolen shot taken by my husband.
First stolen shot taken by my husband.

Apart from the first stolen shot taken, our first meeting had made a lot of unforgettable and enthralling first times of the many …..

It was our first time to stare at each others’ eyes where I felt like I melted like an ice cream, which I would like to think he felt the same way too.

It was our first time to smell at each others’ personal scent… Oooh! I can still remember that perfume he used to have.

It was our first time to hold each others’ hands, rather trembling hands that resulted from the feeling of excitement and anxiety I guess.

It was our first time to have romantic dinner dates, where both of us were a bit conscious every time we put food in our mouth.

It was our first time to crack jokes at each other which sometimes his jokes didn’t go down too well on me and I ended up being upset. 

It was our first time to go swimming together where I constantly kept holding on to him as I don’t know how to swim.  I know it’s so embarrassing to admit, considering I come from a country surrounded with beautiful beaches in abundance.

It was our first time to watch film on cinema and because it was cheaper over there compared to UK standard, we got addicted to it, thus, it became our favourite afternoon leisure time.

It was our first time to go to church together, although he was not too keen on it but he still went with me.  I assumed as he was trying to impress me so it was the best thing for him to do, to please me?!

It was the first time for him to meet my family and visited our humble home.  Where I noticed how he looked around inside our house and probably realized how totally different it is from his home country.

It was my first time to tour him around our little town in my home country.  Where he was overwhelmed when he witnessed a massive distinction of the culture and lifestyle from over there.

It was our first time to go on trips like going on Malapascua Island in Cebu, which we both enjoyed exploring nature and beaches.

Most of all, it was also our first time to kiss, cuddle and snuggled up comfortably as we drew closer and grow fonder with each other.

As the first meeting ended when he returned back to UK again, after enjoying our memorable first times….  I have certainly known him much better than I’ve known him before he came over, we became more than mere friends.  Our relationship had progressed and taken its wing.  It had developed in to something serious, sincere and special.

Do you still remember the first times you had with you husband / partner?

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30 thoughts on “The First of Many – My Captured Moment

  • Ahh so lovely – great photo! Yes I remember so clearly even though it was so long ago now 🙂 Lovely moments to share. Jess xx


    • ReimerandRuby

      It was nice to recall those first times sometimes as it reminds us of how our relationship with our husband have progressed.

  • Love reading the stories behind photos. I remember the first meetings with my husband and treasure them. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

    • ReimerandRuby

      First times are worth remembering, because they reminds us of what we become.

  • Nige Higgins

    First times are always exciting love photos when caught unaware very natural thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  • Aww what a lovely photo and a lovely story behind it!! It was very nice reading this as I feel that now I know you a little bit more!! And I really like that!! I read your post about how you met your husband and it was the sweetest post ever. Love all the photos!! You really look like a beautiful couple that really are in love with each other!! I also met my husband in 2006 (what a coincidence) and we got married in 2008! Time flies right? Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I’m so happy to have you again this week! 🙂 xx

    • ReimerandRuby

      What a coincidence Franca! Yep, it seemed like it was yesterday when we first had a glimpse of each other and yet it happened 9 years ago… Thanks for having a read at our lovestory too! Thanks for the lovely comment

  • I love a natural photograph and what lovely memories this one holds for you. I can remember the early days with my husband, when he was just this guy I really liked and I had no idea what the future had in store for us. Lovely post.xx #KCACOLS

    • ReimerandRuby

      Old photos just bring back nice memories, isn’t it? Thanks for your lovely comment!

  • Ah, that’s lovely. I still remember the first moment I met Rev T and just knew he was the one. It was so weird …!

    • ReimerandRuby

      I think we have our natural instincts that we tend to know if they’re the one for us, isn’t it? weird but so true as I felt the same when I met my husband.

  • What a brilliant story, so many memories all triggered by one sneaky photo by your husband. I’m off to read your story now… #kcacols

  • What a lovely post full of precious memories! And such a lovely way of getting to know you a little better.xx #KCACOLS

  • Aww how lovely, what a wonderful capture and memory, thanks so much for linking up to #throwbackthursday 🙂 x

  • Heledd - Running in Lavender

    What a great story, it’s always fun to know the story behind a picture and good to get to know you a little more. Thank you as always for linking up #MyCapturedMoment xxx

  • Natural photos are the best. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  • What a lovely little post. The first times of everything are so exciting – whether it’s meeting your partner or child. I do love firsts! It sounds like you have lovely memories of these firsts too. I first met my other half when we were children. He lived around the corner from me. We went to the same high school but never really spoke until the last years and then we have been together ever since and now have a baby girl! #KCAKOLS

    • ReimerandRuby

      Your story seems lovely too… no one can really tell who our future partner in life will be, it’s just amazing. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  • Aww… such sweet and beautiful moments together. Love your pose on the photo! You look so young and innocent. A compliment by the way. I wish I look that good when I was younger. 🙂 Thanks for linking up. xx #FabFridayPost

    • ReimerandRuby

      Thank you! If only we’ll remain as young looking til now but it’s just not happening, lol

  • Brilliant post! Really reminded me of the first times I spent with my partner many years ago 🙂 xThanks for linking up with #justanotherlinky

  • Beautiful post, sounds like you have definitely met your soul mate 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

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