Tree is up… Star is on the top

It’s beyond belief how we’re already on the last month of the year.  In fact, it’s less than 3 weeks now before Christmas comes.  Has Christmas slowly making its way to your home yet?  Here in our humble abode, our first week of December started off with putting up our Christmas tree, and of course with the star on the top.

I find this lovely quote about Christmas so touching and I want to share this with you.  “The best of all gifts around any Christmas Tree: the presence of a Happy Family all wrapped up in each other”.  It’s so true, the best way to celebrate Christmas is to be with our loved ones.  Christmas may have various meaning for different people.  However, Christmas is most importantly about family togetherness as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on that special day.  Christmas is also a time of love and great joy whilst we bring out the spirit of giving in each and everyone’s heart.

our Christmas Tree
our Christmas Tree

Last Friday afternoon 4th December, we finally put up our Christmas tree, Yay! I was so excited, I mean the kids were so excited.   We normally put up our tree 12 days before Christmas.  But the kids kept bugging me about it, so we decided to put out our decors slightly early.  Well, there’s nothing wrong with kicking off the festive season early.  As soon as the decors were down from the loft where it had been sleeping for a year, the kids got enthusiastic and so eager putting up the tree.  Having said that, it was initially a mess, most of the baubles were placed near the bottom of the tree upon Ruby’s reach and some were on top of each other, so I rearranged it and spread it around the tree.  Actually, I have lesser job this year compared to the last few years as I got 2 helping hands with me this time.

PicMonkey Collage

With the tree up and some decors in place throughout the house, the festive mood is slowly creeping in me now.   Well, it’s not only me, both my kids are in the mood  for it too since they got their Letters from Santa this year.  They’re so chuffed and proud of how our Christmas tree looks, their little efforts had paid off.   I think that was the highlight of their day.

Additionally, we started a little tradition this year, we started them with an Advent Calendar.   I think they’re the perfect age for it.  Since 1st December, they both looked forward to their little treat after dinner time.

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?

Did your little ones helped out too?

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42 thoughts on “Tree is up… Star is on the top

  • We put up our tree this past weekend too! It does make me feel more festive. Your kiddos did a great job. You have a beautiful tree. #TwinklyTuesday

  • Very cute! Our tree has already been up for weeks! It’s my favourite time of year 🙂 #abitofeverything

  • Yay, it always feel like it’s Christmas when the tree is up! The quote you share does sum up what Christmas is really about – family. It’s always been one of my favourite family traditions to put the tree up together. We put up our tree last weekend. Well, we had to “gently persuade” the older ones. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life. #mg & #abitofeverything

    • ReimerandRuby

      Putting up Christmas tree is so much fun with little hands helping around… makes the home more festive too! Thanks for dropping by and for the lovely comment!

      • It is fun with the little ones! I’m lucky I still have my last little one and he’s the one who organised us to put the tree up and he bossed the others around. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

        • ReimerandRuby

          The best part of it though was making them occupied for a few minutes without fighting, just seeing them helping and getting excited is just wonderful.

  • Yes our tree is up and twinkling. The kids loved helping and always add their own special homemade decorations. It is just so exciting. My son who just turned 6 is so into it this year and it is so lovely watching his joy and listening to him sing carols. Your tree looks great! Thanks for linking up #mg

    • ReimerandRuby

      Homemade decorations is just a perfect addition to a Christmas tree, makes it even more special. Thanks!

  • Mummyitsok

    We put our tree up last weekend to! Toddler ‘helped’ hahaha

    • ReimerandRuby

      It’s more fun with kids helping, although can be messy and chaos at first but its part of the fun, isn’t it? Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comment!

  • Your tree looks beautiful, really Chrstmassy. It always feels more like Christmas when the house is decorated 🙂

  • That’s a lovely tree Cheryl. Your kiddies are so cute helping, it sounds like you had a lovely time starting your Christmas celebrations xx

    • ReimerandRuby

      Yes, it makes a big difference letting them help with decorations rather than doing it myself alone, it’s more fun and they enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks!

  • Your tree looks lovely. We put ours up last weekend and our girls helped, which they loved. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

    • ReimerandRuby

      It’s more fun and exciting when our kids helped out with the decors, isn’t it? Thanks for dropping by!

  • What a beautiful tree. Family is what Christmas so special #binkylinky xx

  • Love this! It’s so lovely getting festive. I put my tree up this year whilst in early labour ha ha – you’ll have to read my blog from this week for the full story Thanks for the read – can’t wait for my baby to be older so he can help me decorate our tree. xxx #KCACOLS

    • ReimerandRuby

      I have read your blog and find you so brave for going out and about and even putting up your Christmas whilst on labor. Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comment too!

  • Fabulous quote and I see a theme developing here with many of us showing appreciation for time spent with our family over Christmas. The tree looks beautiful I loved your willing helpers.

    • ReimerandRuby

      Isn’t it amazing having some little helpers, lol Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comment!

  • Ours has been up since the day after Thanksgiving and I let only the kids decorate it and didn’t even move an ornament. I love how excited they get to do it all themselves. ❤️Christmas! Trista

    • ReimerandRuby

      They’re pleasing to look at as well, when they got so excited decorating the Christmas tree. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Nothing like making decorating the tree and family event. #KCACOLS

  • As you know, I love this quote! It’s funny we choose the same one. It sums up the true meaning of Christmas so nicely. Reimer & Ruby are great little helpers putting up the ornaments. Your tree turned out gorgeous! x

    • ReimerandRuby

      Thank you! yes, they’re great little helpers, can be chaos at times but at least they tried, lol

  • Your tree looks really great – many hand make light work! We have our tree up since last weekend and it was lots of fun to do, even though I didn’t have any helpers this year. Looking forward to the day when we have children old enough to get in on the action 🙂

    • ReimerandRuby

      It makes a difference though having the kids helping… may be slightly chaotic but it was fun and exciting. Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comment!

  • What a sparkly Christmas tree, I love the photos of your little ones helping to decorate it. Your quote is lovely and something that always makes me feel thankful for our family and friends. #CandidCuddles

  • What a lovely post! Great photos of the children being involved too 🙂 #KCACOLS

  • Lovely post! Lovely decorating the tree as a family isn’t it.

    Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky

  • Popping back from #justanotherlinky. Thanks for linking up xx

  • What a lovely post!! This is the best part of the start of the festive season for me as it is just so nice to have the help of your children and watch their faces being so excited!! My girls so amazed after we had out tree done!! Beautiful memories!! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS! I hope you join me again tomorrow for the last #KCACOLS of 2015!!! 🙂 xx

    • ReimerandRuby

      Yes, it’s a wonderful memory to keep for the kids… Thanks for the lovely comment!

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