when mummy was a student….

First and foremost, this post is for the purpose of joining the Debenhams’ Back-to-School Competition which was hosted by Dean over at Little Steps.

If you have school kids like I do, you might want to join in too.  Just click the link below for the competition details:


Now that Reimer is starting school, it made me reminisce my life as a student too.  Those were the times when life seemed easy go lucky, no worries and no responsibility apart from making sure I passed on all my subjects, and yet those were the times that I was full of dreams, ambitions and aspirations.

I have this desire to show Reimer a photo of me when I was still in Elementary also known as Primary like what he is now and find out what his reaction will be.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any of my old photos with me.  I left them all behind in our home in the Philippines.  Looking back then, I was really shy that time, compared to Reimer now who is so bold, confident and fearless.

Going to school run by Nuns was rather different.  There were some things that normal primary school students enjoyed that I didn’t.  Two of which that I would have liked to experience were camping and scouting.  Yes, I’ve never been a girl scout.  I know I missed half of my life I guess.  I have no clue why the Nuns have not organized as such.  Don’t get me wrong, we did have school clubs in our school which I used be a member of the Arts Club.

When I was in my Secondary years, I didn’t get to enjoy a school prom either.  Our school didn’t host any because our school was exclusively for girls so we didn’t have any male classmates.  What’s the point of having one in the first place!

I’ve got some photos of me in my Secondary years which I have included in this post instead.  I was tagged by a classmate of mine who had uploaded these photos in Facebook (Thanks to social media).

PicMonkey Collage

Left Photo   –   Picture taken for our Class Year Book

Right Top Photo   –   Picture with some of my classmates

Right Middle Photo   –   Picture taken during our Home Economics Class where our topic was about cooking.  In the photo, we were preparing food and setting up table as well.

Right Bottom Photo   –   Picture taken with all my classmates in our Computer class.


After I had edited and made a collage out of these old photos, I called Reimer and asked him… What can you say about mummy’s school clothes?

He replied with the following statements:

It looks different because you’re not wearing a trouser.

Your socks is white not grey.

You’re not wearing a jumper like I do.

Your top is colored white, mine is blue.

I’m glad he was relatively observant when I showed him the photos and asked him some question.  He looked through my old pictures and at the same time, he glanced at his school clothes too that he was wearing.

Then I asked him, Do you think mummy should wear a different school clothes to make her look more modish and smart?

He simply nodded his head… and so I opened up the school uniform section at Debenhams.com  He happily choose the following school clothes for mummy:

Debenhams Girl’s Grey Pinafore School Set

Bluezoo Girl’s Pack of Three Dark Grey Diamond Knit Tights

Debenhams Girl’s Light Grey V Neck School Cardigan

Debenhams Girl’s Black Leather Mary Jane School Shoes

Bluezoo Girl’s Navy Padded Fauz Fur Lined Hood Coat

Disney Frozen Girl’s Pink “Frozen” Messenger Bag

I was so touched because he did put a lot of thoughts into it.  I think he had chosen a more stylish and cozier school clothes for me, and even a coat for when it’s raining.  He even picked the Frozen messenger bag because he thought I would love it like her little sister does.

Have you tried showing your kids your old school photos too?

Have you bought some school clothes for your school kids already?

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14 thoughts on “when mummy was a student….

  • I must admit I hated school from year 5 onwards, but primary school was good. Good on you for digging out the old photos 🙂 #bestandworst

    • ReimerandRuby

      I got it from FB when an old classmate had tagged me… I don’t really like looking at my old photos though.

  • I have a few photos from my primary school days which I love digging out from time to time. I enjoyed primary school (mostly) and it did feel like a very carefree time in my life.


    • ReimerandRuby

      Yes, primary years were definitely a carefree time of our life…. I love those time when you think mostly is play time.

  • Thank you so much Cheryl for joining in Debenhams’ Back-to-school competition! 🙂 Love the post. Also went to a private girl’s school run by nuns in QC. Bring back so much memories 😉 xx

    • ReimerandRuby

      You’re welcome! Hope I’m lucky enough to win… Nuns were so strict, aren’t they? they don’t like us wearing skirts above the knees.

  • What a lovely idea! He sounded like he put tonnes of thought into your school clothes. What a cutey. I loved school so will look forward to doing this one day. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you soon x

    • ReimerandRuby

      Thank you! I’ve done this post to join in with Debenhams competition. You can join in too before competition ends.

  • Emma's Mamma

    Aw that’s so cute how he picked your ‘new’ clothes! Bless him! Good luck in the Debenhams Competition! #TheList

  • I host a flashback linky called #fbfriday so I regularly show my kids old photos of mummy and tell them about my past. I think it’s important that they know about mummy’s life so they see me as more than just their caregiver & know who mummy is. #bigfatlinky

    • ReimerandRuby

      So they would know mummy’s life before them, lol. I’m interested to link up at some point… Thank you

  • I went to an all girls school too (although not run by nuns!) so no prom for me either. Interesting to read about your schooldays in the Philippines.

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