Wicked Wednesday

I think a lot of Mums and Dads agree with me if I say that pen and kids just doesn’t go well together.  Imagine the mess afterwards!  Well, my Wicked Wednesday photo for this week says it all.

SAMSUNG CSCThe other day there, Ruby came to me as she wanted a nappy change as she was stinky.  When she lay down the floor, I was shocked with the way her face looked.  So silly!

Mummy :   “Oh, what have you done to your face Ruby?”

Ruby :   “I write on my face”

Mummy :   “Not only on your face Dear, also on your hand too”

Ruby :  “and on my eyes too (while cheekily laughing her head off) “

This is somewhat a common thing that will happen if we let kids play with pen or any coloring materials.  However, if we deprived them of playing those stuff, then they will not learn the basics of writing.  Hence, we let loose, relax and let the kids get hold of this pens and behold for the consequence.

On a hindsight, I think it’s rather easier to get rid of the writings in the body as it’s gone in a matter of one shower.  Whereas if these kids have written on the walls, it would be more hassle and even cost money to get rid of as it needs paint to cover up the writings.  I have to say, what Ruby have done to her face was not too bad after all, lol

Has you kids also been writing over themselves or on your walls instead?

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12 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday

  • I remember how my son used to always manage to come back from school with pen all over himself, more a big mess than writing!As you say, it´s better than it going on your walls! #sharewithme

  • Oh dear!! Though I guess you’re right, how else do they learn!! #wickedwednesdays

  • Ah the dreaded pen – we had a catastrophe that involved my son leaning on the walls after drawing on himself leaving pen everywhere (and a new game for him) !

    great post, check me out at http://www.themummytoolbox.com 🙂

    • ReimerandRuby

      yes, the dreaded pen, lol different stories that involved with pens, isn’t it?

  • Ha ha ha! Brilliant shot!!! Thanks so much for linking up to Wicked Wednesdays. Hope to see you next week! x

  • You’re right! Pen and kids are a lethal messy combination but hey, they need to express themselves! And like you said, mess can be cleaned up. I learnt NOT to have permanent markers lying around after my daughter drew on the wall! Ruby looks so pleased with her green face so hey, that’s what matters right?

    • ReimerandRuby

      Exactly! as long as they’re having fun, let them enjoy their moment with pens, lol

  • Oh my goodness I hate to laugh it’s so cute but only because it’s not mine getting into the pens this time. haha They all do it don’t they? Too cute. Show her this when she is older. lol 🙂 Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    • ReimerandRuby

      They love pens and writing it anywhere too… will definitely one of the photos she needs to see when she’s with her bf, lol

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