Wicked Wednesday

Where did the time go? It’s Wednesday already!  Which means it’s time again to dig up funny photos to link up with the lovely Em over at Brummy Mummy of 2.

My Wicked Wednesday for this week is collage photos of Reimer and Ruby going nuts over a box.

PicMonkey CollageLast Saturday, I received a hamper from Serenata Flowers, which was sent over for the purpose of a Review and Giveaway.

Well, after I removed the hamper out of the box…. What do you think happened next?  When you thought the box will be dumped in the bin intact, NOT happening at all!  Surprise, Surprise!  While I was busy looking through the hamper and seriously taking photos of it for my review post.  Behind me were these two kids making a lot of usage with the box.  They took turns going inside it and wore it pretending like they’re Robots.  Even their Dad helped out by making holes so they can put their hands out and can peek through at the same time.   Clever idea Dad! Their Dad also played a music where they both danced with the box on…. This went on until the box was torn into small pieces, poor little box!

Just when I thought I will give this Wednesday a miss, then suddenly, out of the blue come these funny pictures of these little monkeys.  So I said, why miss it, when there are some good ones to post?!

I’m actually now starting to consider buying different sizes of boxes for their Christmas presents, cheap and can even be acquired free.  And for sure they will have loads of fun with it without me breaking a bank, hmmmmm!

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