Wicked Wednesdays

How time flies?  It’s Wednesday again, which means it’s linked up day again with the lovely Em over at Brummy Mummy of 2.

My Wicked Wednesday for this week is a photo of a sleeping Reimer in a shopping trolley.  Too exhausted I assumed and can’t be bothered anymore, who just nodded off and even used the milk gallon as his little pillow.  Poor little boy!

2013-04-15 16.40.46

Honestly, I have mixed emotions looking at this photo now… I felt sorry for him at the same time, I find it funny too.  Am I a horrible mummy? I can’t even tell if he had a neck or a leg cramps when he woke up.

I actually don’t remember going with them in the supermarket that time.  I’m sure it was only him and his dad.  Obviously, it was his opportunistic dad who took the photo.  If I would have been there, I would have probably got a cushion, a stuffed toy, a towel, or anything soft from the store shelf and use it temporarily as his pillow as it’s more comfy rather than leaning on gallon of milk.  Then once shopping is done, just shove the cushion back in the shelf before going to the till and paying groceries.  Has anybody tried doing it?

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