Wicked Wednesdays

So, it’s Wednesday again… meaning it’s link up time again with Em over at Brummy Mummy of 2

My Wicked Wednesday for this week is a photo of Ruby forcing herself inside a suitcase.  What a silly little lady!


SAMSUNG CSCHer daddy is currently away now for a week for a work-related trip in South of France since last Sunday.  On Friday before he left, while he was busy packing up his stuff ready for traveling, somebody was making a mischief.  Ruby tried to curled herself up inside the empty suitcase so she would fit in. I don’t know what she was thinking but she looked cute and funny though.  Her dad even asked her if she wants to go with him in France, and she said yes.  What she didn’t realize that she will be trapped in the suitcase if ever she will go with her dad as she doesn’t have a plane ticket.

It’s amazing how kids find anything, I mean everything as something to play with.  It doesn’t really have to be an expensive toy for them to be totally amused.  It could just be the simplest thing in our house that we least expect for them to play.  Kids and playing, they always go together, isn’t it?

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