Wicked Wednesdays

It’s Wednesday once again, it’s time again to link up with the lovely blogger Em over at Brummy Mummy of 2.

Did he really got drunk and passed out????

2013-01-09 18.16.14For this weeks Wicked Wednesdays is a photo of my little man which looked like drunk and passed out in the sofa holding a wine glass and an empty bottle of wine…. but definitely he wasn’t!

This photo was taken by his dad and was also his obvious playful idea… did everyone had guessed that? How could a dad ever dared do this to an innocent little kid?

Actually, he did it with a grin in his face and worst of all, without any sign of remorse whatsoever.  He just happily took advantage of the little man who nodded off in the sofa and was dreaming away.  Somebody who was too exhausted that day and can’t anymore wait for his bedtime.  Poor little boy!

Well, this is one of the few perks of parenthood, isn’t it?  Taking a mickey of our own kiddies and have a good laugh at it without feeling guilty of.  This with an assurance that kids are naturally as naive as they are,  they won’t bear grudge at all, let alone vengeance.

I must admit, this is one good picture though despite of it being wickedly funny.

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